TCG Mounts
The Spectral Tiger is the most sought-after in-game mount and is available on our website! You have a chance to grab a FREE Spectral Tiger through our daily giveaways!
TCG Pets & Toys
If you love pets then don't worry! We have a huge variety of WoW loot cards which means there are plenty of pets to giveaway! Not only that but also loot like Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuit to make your pet more unique!
First-come, first-served!
Due to the nature of our giveaway and how WoW TCG Loot works, all codes are given out on a first-come, first-served (FCFS) basis! New loot codes are added every 24 hours!
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Each day we give out over 500 random WoW TCG Loot! You have a chance to get any WoW TCG mount, pet or toy you want. Most of the codes are from the newest release Reign of Fire!
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Our giveaway is not based on in-game trading, but actual redeemable loot codes from Reign of Fire and previous expansions! Simply visit Landro Longshot to claim your WoW TCG Loot!